21 November 2017
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Ireland's only bespoke driver risk assessment

ArriveSafe is a bespoke computer based assessment for those who drive in Ireland. In its function it profiles each driver, and on completion, allows for a very specific on road module to be created for each driver. ArriveSafe fulfils a specific purpose in identifying drivers who are most at risk of experiencing a collision, regardless of who is at fault. This enables a proactive approach to minimising the risks by applying relevant training.

ArriveSafe is not about Pass or Fail. It allows for the on-road time to be spent in the most productive way possible, for the benefit of the driver.

Training will be provided in the car, classroom and online with ArriveSafe training modules. In car and classroom training is a specialist function and is not to be confused with teaching learner drivers to drive.

In this case we are trying to remedy faults that have developed in the driving styles of experienced drivers, who can often be of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with their driving, and have never had an accident.

In view of the sensitivity of the situation, the quality of driver instruction and the curriculum that is followed is of paramount importance. More


ArriveSafe is a registered trademark of Hayman Quantrill Ltd Copywrite 2010 and is sold under licence in the Republic of Ireland by the
Institute of Advanced Motorists of Ireland Ltd.

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