21 November 2017
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Assessment Modules


Driver Profile
The Driver Profile captures far more information than a copy of a Driving Licence could provide. A number of issues; recognized by the Insurance industry as high risk and needing further appraisal, have been flagged, so that their appearance in a driver's profile triggers an e-mail alert with a link to a secure web page where the profile can be viewed.

Bullet Attitude
This module measures behaviour and attitude towards every day traffic scenarios.
Bullet Hazard Perception
This module measures ability to recognise hazards. The install version delivers video footage containing unique rear view mirror and local sound, the online version employs a selection of screen “hot spots” in static images against the clock.
Bullet Knowledge
This module tests the driver's awareness of accepted driving protocols and car safety features.
Bullet Rules of the Road
Measures the driver's knowledge road safety laws, guidance and signage.

On completion the driver's performance is retrieved and assembled into modules on screen, it can then be printed from the DatPort web portal.

The report will show the driver's overall assessment score in relation to other colleagues at the same location, Company and total drivers in the database.

DatPort Reporting Centre

Assessment records are stored to a secure database and results are issued instantly by e-mail report to a nominated administer or HR manager. A report showing Group, Site and individual records can be viewed from the HQ Web Portal by personnel at their respective login levels.

How the assessment works

The assessment delivers the material in random order, thus minimising the risk of material becoming familiar. The driver is unaware which module each question is taken from and prevents desirable answering. Performance is assembled into modules for the final report.

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Institute of Advanced Motorists of Ireland Ltd.

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