21 November 2017
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When looking at the benefits of implementing our driver safety programme, it seems natural to look for cost savings first. The most common reason for wanting a safety programme said to us in our preliminary talks with Companies is, "I want to get my insurance premiums reduced." Yet on reflection, anyone would agree that a life saved is incalculable, so why worry about money? No surprise then that the first benefit of you embarking on our driver safety programme is that you can save lives and deter the misery of serious injury, but there's much more. Namely: -

A pro-active driver safety programme will prove to your employees that you have their best interest in mind. This enhances Company culture and can promote a selfless reaction that significantly improves the working environment for all concerned.
bullet The affects of a driver safety programme will spill into private journeys protecting your employees and their families. This also builds culture and results in the family placing a high value on employment with your Company and generates loyalty.
bullet Driver training removes bad habits and gives new skills and defensive driving techniques to experienced drivers. There are several gains that follow, but reducing collisions is a major one as collision damage repairs and litigation costs are also reduced.
bullet Driver training affects unwarranted vehicle maintenance costs, which are reduced due to vehicles being driven sympathetically to road conditions. This has a major affect on tyre wear replacement and fuel costs.
bullet Driver training will increase the residual values of fleet vehicles
bullet A pro-active driver safety programme will demonstrate an increased level of Corporate Social Responsibility to the general public.
bullet A pro-active driver safety programme will elevate driver skills and behaviour and set an example to other road users
bullet Strong supporting evidence that your Company is managing risks may encourage your insurer to reduce your premiums




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