21 November 2017
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Driver Training
There is no 'one size fits all' training course that suits all drivers. Every driver has different needs, so for drivers in a commercial fleet the need for a corporate tailored programme is essential. At the IAMI we have devised a series of life changing courses to form a curriculum that maximises driver safety whilst fulfilling the criteria for a bespoke training experience. Improved handling skills, a paradym shift in attitude and an alertness to potential risks are The foundations of a safer driving future. Enhanced road safety for corporate drivers benefits other drivers in their vicinity and carries through to their private lives safeguarding their family and friends. The reduction in insurance premiums, accident repair damage, unscheduled maintenance costs and litigation fees are a welcome benefit to any Company seeking to reduce collisions, driving convictions. and their associated costs
Corporate Risk Assessment of Driving Activities
Journey objectives, route planning, Driver risk assessment and vehicle suitability, Leads to compilation of Corporate Road Safety Policies and a Driver's Handbook. This is an essential first step in creating a road safety culture and is fully embraced by the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

New Employee Screening
With recruitment costs high, choosing the right person for the job is critical.
If driving is an important part of the job, then using IAMI's screening services will ensure you cover all the angles when considering your candidates. Our services are available throughout Ireland , and we're happy to fit in with your recruitment programme as and when you need us.

ArriveSafe Driver risk Assessment
Computer based interactive and online assessment that grades drivers by risk category to enable priority training. Capable of assessing high numbers of drivers quickly and economically. A comprehensive audit trail proves compliance and firm management on reducing risks associated with work related driving activities.

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Emergency Response - Blue Light Training
We are qualified to provide training to Ireland's emergency services and Garda. Fast response means that all perception skills, assimilation of information, decision making and vehicle control has to happen at speeds above the norm and with the safety of other road users in mind.

Defensive Driving
This defensive driving course emphasis is on developing a drivers' concentration, observation, anticipation and planning skills so as to prevent accidents; protect the driver from the actions of others and show how to deal with adverse road and weather conditions.

Collision Scene
Chauffeur & VIP Security
IAMI instructors are specialists in their field and have extensive knowledge and actual operational experience both in civilian and emergency vehicles. Defensive and advanced driving forms the core element, but a proactive and decisive driving style will be developed to deal with the ambush or compromise situation.

IAMI Seminars
IAMI can cover a varied list of topics that fall under the occupational road risk heading. They can be aimed at individuals, groups large or small and will engage, educate, raise awareness, and empower. Group discussions are a powerful medium, which encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience, and are a particularly useful support for driver training.

Special Vehicles - 4 x 4 - MiniBus - Motorcycles
We cover the very different characteristics of these vehicles both on and off road and explore their full potential. This familiarisation course focuses on the differences of driving a large, passenger carrying vehicle along with the responsibilities of passenger safety. It develops drivers' concentration, observation, anticipation and planning skills.

Driver Training
The Objectives: To provide an understanding of the principles and skills of defensive driving. Demonstrate and develop a life saving approach to hazards and put those skills into practice to reduce the risk of there being a collision, no matter who is at fault .

Typical Contents:


Theory session covering the principles of defensive driving, the Road Traffic Act and the Rules of the Road.
bullet P.O.W.D.E.R. pre-drive check to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and the functions are familiar to the driver.
bullet Practical coaching session to develop heightened perception skills and 'LIFE' (Look - Identify - Foresee and Evade) driving.
bullet Demonstration drives with commentary
bullet Individual in vehicle driving assessment providing constructive advice and encouragement.
bullet Learning point and key development areas discussion.
bullet How human factors (attitude, medication, fatigue etc.) can affect performance
bullet Debrief, assessment report and certificate.


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