21 November 2017
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Welcome to the Institute of Advanced Motorists of Ireland

There can be no one in Ireland that isn't concerned about road safety. Vehicle ownership has steadily grown in the last 20 years making our roads more hazardous. Our news media reports road fatalities on a regular basis, many young drivers being victims, but let's not be fooled, any driver is exposed to this risk, particularly those that drive for work who are at increased risk relative to their exposure.

At the IAMI, we are not just passionate about road safety, we live and breathe it. We aim to help the Irish Road Safety Authority make our roads a safer place for all road users. Developing the skills of experienced drivers is our forte`. If you are looking for help with your driver safety programme we trust that you will find what you seek here, and if not, please contact us.



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Courtesy of Michael Sheridan
Motoring Editor


Learn to ride on a Harley Sportster

Whether it is fashion or function, riding a Harley is always cool. If you are over 25, hold a Provisional Learner Permit, then we will teach you on our 883 Sportster. Taking you all the way from novice to Advanced rider on the latest of Milwaukee’s finest.
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IAMI Membership

IAMI Membership

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